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    Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
    I suggest hiring a spriter, I dont think these sprites are as high quality as you're aiming for; the outlines vary in colour, the anatomy is stiff and faces the screen, the ideas arent very clear, and the lineart is jagged. Go on over to Pixel Art and try and get some more indepth constructive critisism. Good luck with your hack!
    The sprites aren;t quite GameFreak quality no, but i'm not Gamefreak. There are some improvements I can make, and I will when I am less busy, but I have a lot to do and only myself to do it, so it's not a high priority at this point.

    As for Outlines, if you look on most Pokemon there are varying outline colours. I do use black / dark grey for most outlines though. The jaggedness is just an unfortunate penalty of me using Paint, and how far zoomed in the above screenshots are - if you zoom out far enough to see the sprites at normal size, they don't look as jagged as they do above.

    If you are looking at that Roclops sprite, please remember that is just a placeholder.

    Finally, I am colourblind (not fully, but still annoying) so the colours will not always be done as well as they could be. I do the best with what I have. However, getting help from a more experienced spriter would definitely be amazing, and would get this going a lot faster.

    Originally Posted by Wilso
    love hacks with fakemon keep it up btw will u be changing the maps around a bit?
    Not at the moment, this is just an edit of FireRed's Pokemon at the moment. however, my friend is busy making a new map for me to use my Fakemon on, so if he finishes it (it would be mid-2013 probably), then we could use his map and my fakemon for a much larger, full game hack.
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