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    Jack Davis - Haunted Hotel!

    Just as the elevator doors opened Jack had been more than ready to walk inside, but Alpha quickly realized something and grabbed at the back of Jack's shirt and pulled him back with a fierce tug. Jack fell back with a thud just as the elevator cords snapped and the contraption flew down faster and faster until Jack could hear the loud crash as metal hit the floor.

    "Okay... maybe the elevator isn't working yet." Jack gasped out as his heart beat a bit in his chest. Alpha on the other hand looked around and looked around, "Jack! Ghosts are here!"

    Jack nodded his head, "Yeah Alpha, I know I just died! Just.... what the fudge!"

    Alpha groaned. It was a bother to talk to Jack, especially since the boy couldn't understand a word he said! Without another word Alpha grabbed the sitting Jack's head in his hand and turned it so that he could see the painting that was taunting Shadoan. It took a few seconds for Jack to piece it together. "Oh... ghosts?"

    The Hypno nodded his head as Jack got up, "Okay... just like pokemon tower. This should be easy enough. I have you and Delta to flush them out. Lilith would be too big and get in the way so let's go with that now."

    Jack pulled the Gastly's pokeball and released Delta. "Alright, Delta look around and see if you can get some locations on the ghosts. Alpha, let's help Shadoan!" Delta began to float around as he looked throughout the area. Alpha pointed his hand toward the painting that was taunting Shadoan and used his Confusion attack to try and pull out whatever ghost was hiding in it.
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