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    Right, let's drop the "Pokemon is about friendship and equality", since it never was, at least not for the latter's case. If it was the anime, I'd agree with you about friendship, but it was never the purpose for the games. It's mention, frequently too in some, but was never important except for some few evolution requirements.

    It's a legitimate complaint. The thing that makes Pokemon is catching every single Pokemon you see, and training your favorites to fight. It's not about friendship, it's about collecting. I'd like to think of Pokemon as more of a collect-a-thon than an RPG, because that's the point. Catching, training and battling, as heavily emphasized, is the point, not this friendship stuff.

    The only Pokemon games of the same formula where friendship plays a factor are Colosseum and XD.

    Lastly, for a game that's suppose to be supporting animal abuse, it's really violent. Contradictory much?
    I fail to see what is contradictory about this. You expect them to get their point (which is a joke, nonetheless) with cutesy rainbows and sunshine?

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