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    hello to everybody,

    I want to start off with the fact that i'm not english but dutch, so if my grammar is wrong or just doesnt make sence at all please let me know xD.
    so then lets intorduce myself... i'm Roy, but people call me FonZ, dont ask why they just do xD. i'm 21 years old and from the netherlands... thats about everything i need to let you guys know for now... lets talk pokemon!!

    So i've been a pokemon fan since... uhm lets see around 1998/99 when i got my first gameboy with pokemon red :D also my favorite pokemon and stuff comes down here but my favorite type is dragon type and you will notice that xD so lets go...

    Games I play(ed) are:
    Red/Blue and Yellow
    Gold/Silver and Crystal
    Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald
    Fire Red/Leaf Green
    Pearl/Diamond and Platinum
    Stadium 1 and 2
    Coleseum and XD
    now i'm playing Black version 2

    i played mistery dungeon once and got bored in like 10 minutes xD i dont realy like them spin-off games I'm hardcore TBRPG xD

    then next up my favorite pokemon. and i cant choose 1 so i picked some and this is pure on APPERENCE not stats:
    1. Shiny Rayquaza (this dude has his own song 'black and yellow')
    2. Giratina (Origin Forme) (well my second fav. type was ghost xD)
    3. (Black) Kyurem (2 legendaries in 1 pokemon come on!)

    My favorite battle team and stuff will be added later

    Also you can find me in the chat room or that battle thingy here i dont recall the name xD
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