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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
No from me. I've always seen GE as a place where the people here who don't care about a ton of Japanese things can talk about, well, other entertainment. Imo the split between them was very well-warranted and doesn't cause total alienation to people who either only like Japanese things or people who only like non-Japanese things in one section. Keep them split - especially on PC, Japanese culture and entertainment is a world apart from the sort of things discussed in GE.

Think of this too - should we merge Other Clubs with Pokémon Clubs? No, because on this forum they're a world apart from each other despite both containing clubs.
How are they a world apart from each other? They're both entertainment-oriented forums. They both discuss music, they both discuss movies, they both discuss reading material, and they both discuss TV shows. It's as if just because those TV shows for one forum are called anime (which are simply animations, when we get down to it made in Japan - we have animations in the western world as well), people think it's so different. The same type of discussions that are in General Entertainment are in Japanese Entertainment; there's general discussions, and there's threads for a sole purpose of discussing a single topic (TV show, movie, book, whatever).
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