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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
How are they a world apart from each other? They're both entertainment-oriented forums. They both discuss music, they both discuss movies, they both discuss reading material, and they both discuss TV shows. It's as if just because those TV shows for one forum are called anime (which are simply animations, when we get down to it made in Japan - we have animations in the western world as well), people think it's so different.
In the same way that Pokémon Clubs and Other Clubs are a world apart as I said in the second part of my post, or in the way that tbh any of the Pokémon sections are apart - all discuss Pokémon but each discusses a different aspect of it. It's the same thing here. Both sections discuss entertainment but both sections have fanbases different from each other because they're very differently viewed by the community. If you won't take it from me then look at the posters - a lot of regular posters in GE do not regularly post in JE because they're so far apart. It's like how you wouldn't expect anyone to be happy merging Black and White with Battle Centre; they're both about Pokémon games but very different aspects of it. I don't really know how else to put it. I just don't think the two topics are compatible enough to justify a forum merge.
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