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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
In the same way that Pokémon Clubs and Other Clubs are a world apart as I said in the second part of my post, or in the way that tbh any of the Pokémon sections are apart - all discuss Pokémon but each discusses a different aspect of it. It's the same thing here. Both sections discuss entertainment but both sections have fanbases different from each other because they're very differently viewed by the community. If you won't take it from me then look at the posters - a lot of regular posters in GE do not regularly post in JE because they're so far apart. It's like how you wouldn't expect anyone to be happy merging Black and White with Battle Centre; they're both about Pokémon games but very different aspects of it. I don't really know how else to put it. I just don't think the two topics are compatible enough to justify a forum merge.
...except the only reason Japanese Entertainment isn't merged with General Entertainment is because they contents within are made in Japan. That is literally the only difference between Japanese Entertainment and General Entertainment. Korean music is posted in General Entertainment, even though its like a brother to Japanese music. I would understand if it was Asian-oriented as a whole, but it's only Japanese. And with the amount of activity in there, it just seems like common sense to merge the two. Using the Pokémon forums as an example here doesn't really seem like something that's contributing to the argument, because this is a Pokémon forum - so it makes sense to keep generation gaming separate from things like oriented gaming, like competitive battling. Pokémon Clubs and Other Clubs are worlds apart, though, because Pokémon Clubs deal with Pokémon Clubs and Other Clubs deals with... every single thing imaginable outside of Pokémon. So I'm not sure how that correlates to Japanese Entertainment and General Entertainment, because the only thing separating the two is the country of origin.
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