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I'm just going to come in here and make it quite clear first off that I don't post in either Japanese Entertainment or General Entertainment. But that isn't important, the fact is that one of the main reasons people want this merge, from what I've read, is because of activity. Why, please answer me this, does it matter if they're going to be more active if they're together? Why don't we just merge Tabletop Games in while we're at it, there are sections that are less active than both Japanese and General entertainment and we're not looking to merge them left right and centre.
I personally am against the merge, the culture of General Entertainment and the culture of Japanese Entertainment are different and it doesn't make sense, yes, Anime is just Japanese animation and Manga is very similar to Western comics they're not the same, and as anyone who reads Manga and watches Anime can tell you the dimensions of them are completely different and warrant completely different discussion, it doesn't make sense to merge two sections which people haven't really had an issue with being standalone, and looking at this thread a lot of people are on the fence with this or against it.

Perhaps a good course of action would be to make some sort of poll in both of the sections, find out what the people who post there think of the idea then look to go forward, yes, I admit there are definite pros to a merge but doing it for activity is not one of them, that doesn't matter. The mods of both sections need to be comfortable going ahead with this idea as well, this idea needs to be planned and we need to look at all opinions from all parties involved.

So yeah, no, don't merge them, it's not necessary, the things discussed within them are separate to one another and it should stay like that.


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