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Biggest offender:

Said Dragonite was created with such a vast movepool to be unstoppable. Perhaps that's their "logic" and a more powerful Pokemon COULD master a number of moves, but not the way the game was coded.

I really don't want the games to become as ridiculous as the anime, but I WOULD like a real-time battle system since they need a new direction. I see no reason to have more than four battle moves at any given time (though I would like an extra slot for HMs, or for other attacks to function the same way [like Brick Break = Rock Smash or Mega Punch = Strength, things like that).

Really, no use in toying with tradition, but if a fifth move could be rotated in, that adds a different dimension to the strategy, as opposed to constant dwelling on sameness. Tweak it and experiment. Add new things to whet our appetites. We need that.
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