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Originally Posted by Rothometapratis View Post
K, if you really like the new ones. But it wouldn't bother anyone to make simpler and more natural designs I guess like Rapidash>Zebstrika and Muk>Garbodor.
I prefer Zebstrika to Rapidash, actually, and you probably would too if Zebstrika came first. There are some real gems in Gen V, even if I don't like a wide amount of them. Garbodor is one of the worst of all time, and Muk is probably one of the worst-designed of Gen I.

I do prefer Gen I as a whole, and nostalgia has something to do with that. I'm just not letting my nostalgia influence my opinions on Gen V, which in my mind has the most stinkers even if it does have things like Volcarona and Zebstrika - perennial team members of mine. I only see myself using a limited amount of Gen V Pokemon in playing, because not that many interest me...
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