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    You have a point Maruno. I'll see if I can work on a system. I don't think it should be too hard as all the hooks exist already in PaLib. I just need to be able to import the map information from Tiled.


    Just a little update for you guys. I figured out exactly how the backend loads tiles and I got it working with dummy values. I've spent a good 2/3 hours trying to find an XML Parser (Tiled spits out only xml files) that actually compiles for the DS but I had no luck. I've decided to use regular plaintext parsing (i.e searching for specific text and then using that as a reference to cut out the needed data) in order to extract the arrays from the Tiled maps. Then all I have to do is filter the CSV out and I'll have the array imported. Since tiled backgrounds are registered in the same way as image backgrounds, nothing else has to change.

    I also updated the preview image in the OP. Running animation is now fixed (hold b to run) and collisions make that characteristic bump noise.
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