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Regarding "The only difference is that they're from different places":
The issue with the merging isn't really a question of where it comes from, it's more of the cultural differences between the two groups. In general, society looks down on otaku, and otaku want the riajuus to stay out of their business. It's like the difference between preps and nerds. Rather, I propose cutting out the nerd section of GE and merging it with JE, calling the section "Comics & Cartoons", or something.

Regarding the name "Japanese Entertainment":
The time this name was put in was a point in the timeline that J-Dramas, Tokusatsu, and Jpop had been getting big. Seeing as they didn't fit into "Other Anime and Manga" since it was live action, and would probably not get any activity if posted in elsewhere. Due to this, the name was shifted to Japanese Entertainment. Now that K-pop has gotten bigger, that's definitely an issue.

Originally Posted by Ausaudriel View Post
Yeah, activity theft from other forums is really the biggest problem with clubs. Clubs are really just DCC threads for a specific topic, and I think those kinds of things make much more sense being placed into the forums that already exist for those topics.
This too. I see 10/29 relevant active threads split across GE and JE topics, 18/29 including video games. While the JE section doesn't get much activity, there's often a good 5-10 relevant threads in the clubs section that are fairly active at said time.
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