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    I keep running into the issue of getting around 150exp with the lucky egg on when fighting level 40 Pokemon. It seems as if the Wild Pokemon in the game are extremely under level in some areas which causes gaining one level to take up to an hour. depending. I do find the game to be really fun and I keep coming back to it every hour or so that I rage quit. The game does offer a higher difficulty rate in some areas, but personally the gyms have been no problem since they do provide Pokemon that are PERFECT for the next gym in some areas. Examples: Riolu-Cheren,Muk-Burgh,and Klink/Joltik-Skyla (I personally can't put any other example due to starting with Oshawott,but there are many more Pokemon you can get before the gym that are easily trained with the LE or ES before the gym to lower the challenge.)
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