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    Originally Posted by TheEnlightenedPokéManiac View Post
    Hey guys in not sure if I'm posting this thread in the right forum but I didn't see a forum specify for RNGing so I'll begin...

    So do you guys remember the days of Pokemon Emerald when one could RNG for shinies and/or nature/IVs without the RNG Reporter program? Well I do, and I was wondering if anyone knew a method to use in pokemon Black 2 White 2 for the same thing? I'm getting a little board with Soft-Resetting my game to get the spesific Nature/IVs and shiny status for the stationary Pokemon. I've been working on getting Zorua shiny and have SR 2153 times already with no luck :/ so I would greatly appreciate any help on this that you guys(and gals) could have

    Thanks, Ace
    If you are talking about N's Zorua that you get from Rood, its Shiny locked. All of N's Pokemon are Shiny Locked so none of them can be shiny. You'll have to breed for a Shiny Zorua.