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    This is still a work in progress, but I wanted to go ahead and put what I had so far. If anything needs correction, please let me know. Please excuse any rough edges... :)

    Edit: I think I may be finished now...I hope. :P

    Name: Elise Vivian Molyneux

    Age: 19

    Country: France

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Montbard

    Appearance: Many see Elise as a thin and delicate person, one who is neither much in stature, roughly 5 foot 4 inches, nor heavy in weight. Her shape is lithe and petite, with subtle curvature and an almost “springy” gait. Her chestnut, curly hair, sits squarely on her shoulders and possesses bangs that stoop to just above her eyes. Her piercing, round, blue eyes are positioned just above a slightly sloped nose that turns up just at the end. Her round mouth is framed by a light dusting of freckles on both cheeks that pop against her pale skin.

    In regards to the armor that is vital to her protection, it is bronze in color and substantial enough that it provides decent vitality, but flexible enough not to hinder her free range of movement. A vertical ivy pattern adorns the breastplate, intertwining in the middle to form the shape of a large heart. The gauntlets, boots, skirt, and greaves all have corresponding adornment to provide a unified look across the spectrum.

    The sheath for her sword rests firmly locked on her left hip, all the better placed for her right hand to withdraw it at a moments notice incase of an emergency. The large shield that she uses for further protection, is strapped to her back when not in use, and covers about the whole length of her abdomen. Dead center of the shield, a logo matching that of her breastplate is framed by a gilding of silver. This logo, serves as her “crest” or mark in all works of craftsmanship that she completes. Although it might be more subtle on the work she does for others, such as being in the corner of a shoulder piece, it is much more prominent on the armor she proudly wears.

    Personality: (I’m going to refer to this as her SAO personality, because if you read the “Life before SAO” section, it would kind of have her personality outside of SAO be slightly different. It is a reflection of her true personality however, and what it was before her “incident”. SAO has provided her an opportunity to let it come back through.)

    In contrast with what many might think of her at first sight, Elise is often defined by one word, “Spitfire”. Her personality is accurately defined in such a way that her dark wit and sarcasm often lend her to getting her in trouble with people who take themselves too seriously. In SAO, she almost has a personality of having nothing to lose, so she often acts spontaneously and enjoys SAO to the fullest.

    Ever since the accident, she finds herself more of a loner and the notion of having to rely on others pains her. She has no problem assisting others, but the feeling that she is charity is inescapable, almost to the point where she would rather avoid company all together. While technically she may be labeled as a “Solo” player, she will group and often times plays well with others. However, in a group she will be more than content to let others argue over the details of a plan, and only speak up if others truly suggest something idiotic.

    Her personality lends her to be rambunctious and often a bit “zany”. Others often refer to her as eccentric and happy in everything she does. Any admission of weakness feels like a failure on her part. Hardness has crept into her personality only marginally. The type of person who is steely in the face of danger, but will be overcome with a flood of emotions when left alone and nobody can see her.

    The epitome of a realist, she never succumbs to flights of fancy and is very careful to keep her expectations in check. She does believe that she is typically correct in most matters and enjoys playful bickering with those who disagree with her. Others might misconstrue this as fighting, but to her, it’s just her idea of fun.

    As much as she desires to push herself and get stronger, she’s not afraid to slow down and smell the virtual roses. This world has granted her a second opportunity to do things she never thought possible for her again, and often times, she’ll put everything on hold just to stroll through Starter City enjoying the sights and sounds.

    As much as she tries to be tough on the outside, she really is afflicted by the harsh words of others and secretly desires their acceptance and assurance. Although she would never be one to let them know that, negative and positive comments have a large bearing on her mental wellbeing.

    Life Before SAO: Born in the small, rural village of Montbard, France. Elise’s early life was much like that of any child around the world. Being an only child, her life was not privileged, but it was comfortable. When she was old enough to be enrolled in school, she often found herself in the middle of the pack. Often labeled as smart enough, but not motivated. No matter how hard she tried, school just never piqued her interest. In fact, she preferred spending her time playing with friends and listening to music. Her passion was music; she loved every nuance and inflection. What she lacked in academic accolades, she made up for in musical memory.

    Her parents having witnessed this passion, saw an idea to further inspire their daughter. They immediately enrolled her in violin lessons, and it wasn’t long before the shrill screeching of strings turned into melodious music. The ability to hear a song and then play it by memory, it was a skill even she didn’t know she had.

    Her life continued in this way for some time. Academically mediocre, her social life average, and genuinely happy. She never wanted for anything, sure her teenage years had the usual flare ups and “I hate you” thrown at her parents, but nothing unusual. A dream lived inside her, motivated her to pursue the things she loved. Driven, but only for her passions.

    Life has a funny way of changing things however. It was when she was just about to turn seventeen. Her best friend invited her to a party, a simple gathering, nothing special or taboo about it. She was riding her bike to her house, a short ride in a normally calm village. When she was about five minutes from her friend’s, a motorist ran a clearly visible stop sign and plowed into her at the crossing. Upon the arrival of the paramedics, her body was discovered mangled and strewn about the road with the guilty motorist weeping gently over her. When she was rushed to the hospital, she flatlined two times on the operating table, each time resuscitation bringing her back.

    Waking in a strange room, her arms restrained and IVs running through her. It was truly the most surreal and despondent moment of her life. Listening in stunned silence, the doctors explained her situation. She remembered nothing of the incident, trauma spared her having to relive the moment. The doctors waited a few days before broaching a subject they hoped was just a hunch. Elise was paralyzed from the waist down. Her spinal cord had been severed upon impact, her nerves necessary for walking were rendered inoperable. Barring any new developments in surgical procedures, Elise would most likely be unable to walk for the rest of her life.

    A depression set in. For the following two years, nothing mattered to her. No amount of cheering up, no time spent with her music, nothing helped. The doctors assured her this was normal, but that she had to overcome. To live some semblance of a normal life, she had to persevere, but she didn’t want to.

    Never having a desire to play video games before, she found a new escape. A journey into fantastical worlds and new experiences. Video games became a way of living in a way she thought impossible for her now. Music and video games, the things she would later tell her mother that she lived for. A new product caught her attention, the Nerve Gear Virtual Reality Helmet by Argus and its accompanying new VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online. The news stories surrounding it were amazing and the immersive potential tantalizing. She had to buy it, and she did...

    Current Level: 11

    Weapon: Sword & Shield

    Non-Combat Skills: Forgery & Speed

    Summary of first month in Aincrad: The thought of being “locked” into Aincrad didn’t bother Elise like it may have others. In her mind, if you died in real life, you died forever anyway, so what was different? Her early time in Aincrad was served sharpening her skills in forgery. It was a skill that she had no interest in with real life, but in SAO, it was like a drug she couldn’t have enough of. Each time it was like a piece of art that had to be perfected, or a song that needed to be sung. She spent a great majority of her time either foraging for new materials and ways of forging, or soloing the low level mobs in order to increase her level. Having joined groups from time to time, typically only to join in on the boss fights or the occasional foraging group, Elise still hasn’t made many, if any, friends. As much as she desperately wants to join a guild, she has no interest in the ones she’s come across. They have all been obsessed with either clearing the game, or their own selfish goals. Currently, her time is most often spent in Dysthaven, a wonderful source of raw materials and home to many other forgers. Although confident that she could be one of the “Lead group”, she’s not sure if aiding in the winning of the game is in “her” best interest. Against all odds, she’s happy here and for once in the past two years, she’s felt whole.

    Roleplay Sample: “Link start!” Elise’s voice called out into her empty room, her body lay prone on her bed, the nerve-gear firmly fixed on her head. Her eyes detected grayness, followed by a swirl of color as the system booted initially to the setup menu.


    The system began to run its system check to make sure her senses were properly attuned. The screens moved dizzyingly fast, each one registering and flying by a mile a minute.

    Language....French...Login ID and password...ok...Welcome to Sword Art Online!

    The words seemed to float in her vision, she had never experienced anything like it. It was no different than if her eyes had been reading a book or magazine. The words disappeared and in its stead, blue and white streaks of light indicated her mind’s entrance into the world of SAO. Her eyes blinked ferociously, struggling to adapt to the rapid change in scenery, gone was the bombastic light show and instead, stood a beautiful courtyard...stood.

    Casting her eyes downward, Elise saw her body standing on her own two legs, no braces, crutches, helping hands, nothing. Her legs were supporting her themselves, like they would have almost two years ago. Carefully, she lifted her right leg, the motion returning to her by reflex and memory. It almost felt foreign after all this time. Placing it on the ground slightly ahead of her left, she inched forward slowly. Her pace was not as quick as she pushed herself to attain, it took some getting used to again, she stumbled carelessly into a newly materialized player, pushing off from his chest and waving her hand in forgiveness. This felt so...right.

    Other players filled the courtyard, players from all over the world of varying nationalities and backgrounds. It was all like a dream, something she could have only wished for. The excitement in the air was palpable, the others letting out ferocious cheers of happiness and expectation for what lay ahead. Elise pushed herself to keep walking, she didn’t even care if this game had nothing but a farm simulator, this was enough. Everything was just icing on the cake. Tears formed in her..well..her digital eyes. They felt real however, everything did. It wasn’t tears of sadness, but of joy. Normally she would be embarrassed by such a display, but right now, she didn’t care in the slightest. This was her day, she didn’t care if thousands had to share it, but whether they knew it or not, today was her day.

    A few more practice steps later, she continued to quicken her pace, her steps coming quickly one after the other. It wasn’t long before she had broken out into a full on sprint, her legs carrying her through the town, past the players already forming parties, past the NPC merchants and their stocked goods, and past the walls of the city. Out here, in the surrounding plains, very few other players had already ventured out this far. A few already going to work attacking the lesser mobs and practicing their skills. Elise wanted to join the fun and ran up to the nearest boar that crossed her path.

    It was low level, possibly the weakest enemy in the game. She reached for the starter sword the was given to her upon character creation, her hands wrapped around it with anticipation as she pulled it from its sheath. This was so much better than any MMO or RPG she had ever played before. Never before had she truly felt like she was “in” the game.

    The boar reared on its hind legs, a clear indication of its displeasure as it charged for her. The beady red eyes of her opponent glowed with vicious intent. Before she could even react, she was hit square in the chest, her body falling firmly on the ground upon impact, to her surprise, there was no pain. It took her a second to remember that there was no pain in SAO, it was just with all the realism, she forgot. Her formerly green health bar in the top left corner of her vision dipped into the yellow. Launching herself to her feet, she turned to face her opponent once again. It kicked at the dirt with its front hoof and charged again. This time, Elise was ready. Just as the boar was about to make contact again, Elise pirouetted away, bringing her sword down firmly on the boar’s back as it went by. The boar stumbled and collapsed as Elise kept up the attack, battering it as it lay prone on the ground. As her last attack connected, the boar seemed to shatter into a million pieces, its current reincarnation going back into the ether. A minute amount of EXP tallied itself in her vision, all the closer now to leveling up.

    Days passed this way now, each new enemy, each new challenge was intoxicating. She had yet to join any party. Others seemed willing to do so and she had even received the stray invite every now and then from the occasional creepy stalker, but she found no need to do so as of yet. It was then that she stumbled upon her love of forging. In one of her shopping trips into the city, she noticed the exorbitant cost of the armor and weapons in-game. It seemed like extortion and what better way to get what you want, than to make it yourself. Plus it had the potential for extra spending money in her pocket.

    With this new found desire to push herself in the art of forging, she quickly found herself joining the ranks of the craftsman. The rest of her first week went by in a blur, fighting mobs, gathering raw materials and creating the most pathetic low level armaments one has ever laid eyes on. In that time, she never grew tired of it. This was SAO for her and it was now a focal point of her life.
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