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scrapping marty, because the age requirements are different this time :d

Willie Grace
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roughly, Willie is about 5’5. A bushel of curly, smooth black hair envelops his head, running down the sides whilst the back of his hair stops at the top of his neck with an outward curve. His eyes are a calming, earthly, bright hazel. Willie’s body is pretty stocky, with a thick chest and arms, but relative amount of belly fat. Not enough to be noticeable in a shirt as his chest is slightly larger. His legs are also thickly built, making up for his short stature. It kind of doesn’t fit when you consider his goofy front teeth gapped smile.

A simple plain white t-shirt and fitted dark blue sweatpants that don’t hug his legs, but have a snug fit. For footwear, Willie wears a pair of light blue athletic shoes. Due to a case of poor eyesight, Willie often wears a pair of prescription glasses. To carry around his belongings he wears a small but adequate black bag.

Personality: Willie’s humble and modest to a fault. He’s never taking credit for anyone, you’d have to hold a gun to the boy’s head for he does. He just doesn’t see the necessity of being known for this or that. But it’s not like he hates to be complemented, he just accepts them by well, not accepting them, if that made any sense. It takes awhile for Willie to truly warm up to someone as much to become an actual friend. He instead views everyone as a mere acquaintance until they end up upgrading into the friend zone(hey it’s finally a good thing!) Around people he finds impressive or intimidating, Willie get’s nervous. So much so that he tends to find trouble speaking fluently to people he views in a higher stature.

Even if a person is impressive though, if said person is even near cocky, Willie will grow a disdain towards them. He won’t necessarily hate them, but he wouldn’t likely want to have to spend any sort of time with said person. Other than that, Willie is really neutral when it comes to people. He is also remarkably impartial, always taking in account of two sides of a story rather than just one. Which often leads him to form thoughts, beliefs, and opinions that would be revered as socially unacceptable or in a sense "immoral" according to society's standards.

During the great merge of regions, Willie had been a boat with his uncle. He had been travelling from Hoenn to the Johto region. They had been smooth sailing for days, not a care in the world. His parents had sent him off to spend time with his uncle as they were going through some depressing times and thought it simpler if he didn’t have to know. Little did they know, did anyone know the catastrophe about to strike.

As they were sailing, hours from arriving along the shores of Johto, the movement of the lands begun. The sea began to thrash, it was mere luck that their ship hadn’t been tipped over. For hours the ship had been thrown about like a ragdoll from wave to wave. The whole time they’d been hidden in the boat’s cabin room, praying to whatever deity was out there that they’d make it out alive. And so they did, but as the two went up to see where they had ended up, something, most likely a large pokemon, had hit the ship, tipping it over. After swimming out from underneath and climbing up onto the back of it, the two sat there for awhile waiting for any signs of a rescue team. The sea was calm, bothering them no more and after a day they’d been rescued and taken to the nearest region in sight, Johto.

About a day later, the two were traveling the lands, looking for any sort of transportation back to the Hoenn region. In the process, they had to travel across a rather shaky mountainous area, unstable to say the least. An aftershock severely struck the ground, splitting it in two, creating a rather large fissure that had separated them. Realizing the situation, his uncle decided to give up finding a way back to Hoenn, instead he would settle here in Johto. He gave Willie a chance to join him, telling him he would wait for him here if he chose to join. A sadness swept over Wille, but he declined the offer, he would find a way back home. But even the strongest of wills break, so you can imagine, a few months later, his will finally broke and he himself decided to give up on the hope. A new life would do him well, he tried to convince himself for the longest time and he finally did. And it didn't hurt to have met Professor Elm, the well regarded researcher of pokemon who encouraged and ensured him that the life ahead would be far from grim and filled with holy burritos. Although at the time they met, the good professor may not have been exactly sober..

Starter Pokémon: Totodile