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Clare and Kale
They had been assigned Lucy and her cat as mentors, "Uh, is this some kind of joke?" Clare asked suspiciously, "Like are there some cameras waiting for my reaction?"

Lucy laughed, "Nope, since O was assigned to another mission, we have to take his place." She pulled the cat off her shoulders and held it in her arms, "This is Will." the cat made an annoyed meow sound. "Sorry, this is Sir William Roland, he is a human knight." Kale began to pet the cat excitedly, making cooing sounds, Clare rolled her eyes.

"Assuming you are our guide, you aren't even old enough to be a normal student, let alone an elite one. What protection could you possibly give us if we needed it?" Clare was now taunting the girl, trying to see if the real mentor would come and help her.

"If you don't believe me, why don't I challenge you to a fight in the Arena? Surely if you think we are so weak then you'll be able to beat us." The little girl looked Clare right in the eye, clearly confident she would win.

Clare didn't see this though, and she held her fist out to Lucy slightly angered, "Alright short stuff lets go at it. Good thing we got up early for this."

"I assume you know the rules for fighting in the arena?" Clare shook her head, never hearing of any rules other than fights could only happen there and nobody could die. "Well, there are no machines allowed in, weapons are fine but no guns. Attempting to sever limbs, appendages, or other body parts will result in a suspension of the fight and expulsion from school. Both partners must be present in a fight, unless it is between the two partners. Do you understand?" Clare nodded, "Very well, please follow us."

When they arrived at the arena, Clare and Kale placed their bags on the ground and put their weapons down. Lucy looked confusedly at them, "You're going to need those to stand a chance, why would you throw them down?"

"What did you say you little punk? I'm going to win this then beat up whoever our real mentor is." Clare seethed, "Who's your partner? Don't tell me it is the cat," the girl said nothing but smiled mischievously, "What a sick joke, let's win this fast Kale so we can get this mission done." She didn't bring her gloves, but Kale decided that bringing his sword was a safe bet.

They walked into a small room with a computer terminal, surprising to both Kale and Clare because the outside was bigger than a football stadium. The little girl typed something into the terminal and a holographic screen shot forward, showing different landscapes, "Please come up and select one."

Kale walked up politely, "Why thank you, how generous of you." He went through them all twice, "Wow who designed these? I mean Ive seen of reality domes before, but this one is way bigger than Boston has."

"They were designed by O, who had over one hundred years to plan and perfect the domes, thanks to magic from witches we made the dome a reality." Kale went through them, every biome on earth was there, then one that looked like the surface of the moon, and another that was just a flat stadium like in Rome. He chose that one, "Very good choice Mr Kale, there are few places to hide, garunteeing that there will be conflict." she was just about to press enter when she remembered, "Oh yes, I failed to mention that although one can not die, pain is still a real thing. Please do be careful." She pressed the button and both pairs were teleported to one side of the arena.

In an instant the little girl's cat was on the ground, growing larger. Eventually there was a man, clad in knight's armor standing in its place. Clare opulent hear him but could read his lips, she repeated what she saw out loud, "Did you really have to start a fight with them? Well I hate fighting children. Yes okay Ill end this fast, all that training with O and being half cat really does make a guy fell so nimble." He laughed and then, "Please hand me my sword." She handed him a sword, though Clare didn't remember her coming in with one. Suddenly the man disappeared, Clare could no longer see him, just as soon Lucy walked where he just stood, turned to Clare and waved happily.

"Summers lets move while the man isn't with her," Kale nodded, holding his sword. "You both have swords so I want you to take him, I'll get the girl then help you okay?"

The man was laying on a pillar when he yelled down, "What if the man wants to fight both of you at the same time? Then what's the plan?" Kale readied his sword, "You're the chap who stroked my fur, you sir are a good fellow with feminine hands. I wonder if you can actually use that sword."

Clare decided that fighting the man 2 on 1 would be fine, she could still see Lucy waving on the other side. "Well then, I guess we change the plan accordingly, She charged at him fists ready, jumping between two pillars and landing on the one next to his, she jumped toward him, about to slam her leg down on his body. He just rolled off though, like he was in bed and landed on the ground feet first. Clare shattered the pilar he was standing on, crashing down with the debris. "I guess things here aren't as strong as real life equivalents huh."

"Never said that it was supposed to be, though I must say excellent form, for a girl." Kale came up behind him and tried to impale the man through the back, the man just did a back flip landing behind Kale. Kale wasn't very surprised though, the man mentioned being trained by O, so he turned around and swung with the non-lethal side of his blade without pausing, he knew this man wasnt a force to be reckoned with. "Wow you fight with a single edged sword, quiet rare for a normal child indeed. Unfortunately I was given a double edge." He swung and their swords collided, "So I can't say that I can return the kindness."

Kale spoke up, "Come on then, I'll show you how I use this sword." He swung again, though the man was much stronger than he was, though Kale noticed not neccisarily stronger than a man of that age, "Tell me, what does half cat mean, why are you able to transform." He swung his sword to parry a swing from the man, he was just fast enough to be defensive but not to go on the offense.

Clare was digging out of the rubble, standing herself up when she saw Lucy. Lucy just smiled and said in a gangster voice, "Put yer dukes up." Then she spit on the ground and put a fake gangster face on while holding her fists up. "Cer'm on ya yankee." She threw an air punch, and Clare felt a blow to her stomach. "What's tha mattuh," Another air punch, Lucy laughed, this time Clare felt like her arm had been punched, "C'mon 's like ya ain't evin tryin."

Clare stood up and put up her hands, "Let's dance kid." Lucy threw another air punch, Clare dodged to the left, seeing if her prediction was correct. It was and there was no pain, "So you got some kind of magic in you huh. Well I can fist fight without magic so you better be ready." She couldn't see where the punches would come from, other than where she saw Lucy throw them, Clare kicked up some dust. It not only not showed Clare where the punches were coming from, but it also made it harder to see where the girl was.

"Ha yer tha first one ta try dat, I say you got spunk kid, but not so much smarts." She smiled evily, throwing punches like a boxer, backing up so Clare couldn't get close. "Why don't ya jus' give up, ya ain't gonna win dis fight."

"Why don't you give up that crappy accent," Clare went full sprint and managed to get close to Lucy. She threw a punch as hard as she could. Lucy just blocked with her arms with a sly smile. As Clare was stopped in her tracks, her punch doing virtually nothing. "Gah, I should've known, a shield." Clare went berserk, each punch was given as much strength as she could, trying to break the shield. Lucy seemed to be getting tired, as was Clare and one of the punches managed to break the shield and catch her right in the shoulder. Both of them fell back from exhaustion.

Kale was busy fighting the man named Will. "Well you see I was born in the time of dragons and knights, maybe you remember it?" Neither of them were going full strength. "I do, you see I was walking home one day when this unusual chap named O. He was going back to his time and I happened to bump into him. The time thing ripped my mind from my body which was quiet painful I must say. And placed me in his, he couldn't have me messing around in his mind so he asked Lucy to make me a new body." A parry again, but Will held his arm to his eyes, "Alas, it was too much for the young girl and very near killed her, fortunately Kira and Sara were able to transfer minds from O to the new body, which happens to be just magical enough to turn me into a cat. Also it caused me to form an unbreakable mental bond with Lucy." He disarmed Kale with one swing, not even looking at him, "Such a happy ending don't you agree." He held his sword to Kale's neck, "Checkmate lad." Kale nodded in defeat, Will helped him up.

"Why don't you stay human, and why do you speak modern English instead of old?"

"Well that is simple, I was asked to study a more modern language to blend in more, as for not being human. It tires me out to be human, taking more energy I'd much rather be carried around." He lifted Lucy who was passed out, "You're girlfriend must be one hell of a fighter. Guess it is my turn to carry Lucy for about an hour."

"Not my girlfriend," He lifted Clare by are arm and slung her over his shoulder. "Well lets get to the mission before these two go at it again." They walked toward the teleporters, still quiet early for the robery.
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