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"Hey those are the things in my dream! Maybe I had a doll that looked like them, because the ones in my dreams don't talk. Maybe the voices in my head are them actually, I'll ask."
No child, we are not spirits, just merely friends. Please do try to rest, it is a long journey to the mountain. "They said they aren't, and since they don't lie because I can't lie to myself I trust them. And also I'm not as strong as Aria so I can't have spirits. They told me to go to bed, thanks for showing me the pretty pictures though, tomorrow we get to get Kalie her spirit!" She layed her roll next to Aria's, as she had done every night since her nightmare and fell asleep.

In her dream Spark was watching a girl and a woman walking down the street. The woman lifted the small girl, cradling her as they walked. She stole a piece of bread from a cart and gave it to the little girl, Spark didn't see her steal anymore food for herself. The next dream it was raining, but the same girl and woman stood over a body. The woman hugged the girl again, but she was much skinnier than before. Kalie turned around and noticed that a house was destroyed debris everywhere. The woman and daughter stood and looked at the rubble, adults were running away as a boy destroyed things, much like the lightning girl. They boy looked at the woman and smiled evily. He walked up to her and slew her, right in front of the girl. Spark covered her eyes before the killing blow, but she heard the scream and when she looked again there was nobody but the girl.

Spark silently cried for the rest of the night, fearing the power of pokespirits even more than before.
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