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    [Forest Clearing]

    While Tristen was interacting with the wild Aipom, Croagunk had finished his warmups. Grabbing a rock, he carved a small target onto a nearby tree and stepped away from it for a few yards. Using poison sting, he began to aim at the target, and with each successful hit, he moved farther back. He threw each “dart” with precision and strength, and whenever he missed, he began doing pushups. There was never an excuse for Gabriel--he sought perfection, and though it slowed him down at times, he knew he would come out on top in the end.

    Over time, he began to increase the number of darts he threw at one time, and in order for her to consider a hit a success, all darts had to hit the target. He got halfway across the clearing before coming back closer to the target.

    Next, he began picking up small rocks and used them as projectiles. He wanted to be able to use whatever was around him as ammunition in case anything ever happened. Making sure to be thorough, he threw with both arms, making sure than none was superior over the other so he did not have to rely on only one.

    Meanwhile, Skarmory began to move towards the directed area by Tristen. The wild Aipom began to face him on the other side of the clearing. Mediating, the white-haired girl made sure the area was clear before starting the match. “Are you two ready?”

    The Aipom jumped up and down in excitement, and Skarmory simply nodded in return.


    Skarmory launched himself towards the monkey pokemon before executing a fast Air Cutter. The sharp air hit Aipom square in the face before he could recover and counter with a quick fury swipes. His small claws simply glanced off of Skarmory’s armor. Taking this to his advantage, Skarmory backed up and executed Agility, surrounding the Aipom.

    Angry, the Aipom began attacking random space, attempting to keep up with Skarmory. His lands did hit, but because of the speed, they didn’t do much but waste energy for the small pokemon.

    On top of Agility, Skarmory decided to add on sand-attack to further confuse the wild pokemon. As a result, Aipom got provoked into using Swift, dashing around the field while launching his attack in all direction, desperate to land a hit on Skarmory.

    His actions were rewarded when Skarmory got hit by several of his attacks.

    Tristen stood to the side, watching Skarmory’s interesting modes of self-command. His fighting style was clever, but flawed. We need to work on avoiding a drawn-out battle. We can’t afford to be wasting our time.

    The sound of Aipom’s Swift echoed throughout the clearing.
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