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Massive hi to our two new members, Rainbow Arcanine and Rainy Garden of Fire (epic names, by the way :D )

Originally Posted by TechnoEK View Post
My SS got erased, so I have to start all over.

Doesn't mean the team has changed though with the exception of Feraligatr and Charizard ( was only using for Pokedex).
Aww that sucks. Hope you get up to speed soon!

Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Well, I'll be looking to battle with a few people here!
Looking forward to battling you too.

EVENT NEWS! BW2: Rival Battles

Black and White 2 are already out in America, and they are due out in Australia tomorrow (11th) and in Europe (that's me) on the 12th. We've been talking about this for a while, so who would be up for rival battles as we play our way through BW2?

Obviously you guys in the US have a big head start on the rest of us so it may be an idea to do battles based on the number of badges you've obtained. For example, if you each have 4 badges, you'd battle each other and so on and so forth.

The names in the memberlist will link you to members profiles, so get in contact, ask how many badges and get battling! If you like, you can update me by PM on how many badges you've obtained so far and I can add it to the memberlist for quick references.

Good luck!