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Originally Posted by OokamiReki View Post
I'm not going to complain about it being overpowered, because Lucario deserves some more powerful moves.
This is true. Based on how powerful Lucario is shown to be and how special it supposedly is, I've always found it weird that it doesn't have a whole punch of powerful signature moves to kick butt with. It's supposed to be this hugely powerful warrior of a Pokémon with immense strength and huge powers of aura, so why doesn't it have the move pool to support this background? It just seems odd to me idk, sort of like they missed a trick here with Lucario? That's the thing that puts me off using this family when I play the games, they just don't tend to live up to the huge hype that surrounded them for so long, it's a real shame :( That's not to say they aren't good though, Lucario is a very strong Pokémon, it should just be stronger in my opinion haha. Anyone agree?