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I am in such horrible shape that I honestly don't believe I could get far doing this. Maybe someday, as an adventure. I'm trying to be more of an outdoor person. I don't want to be cooped up at my computer forever, though I'd still bring it with me so I could blog about it. Keep people posted so they'd know I'm alive. Unless I went to libraries and such to do that, which could be part of the adventure.

First things first, I need to lose some weight and gain some stamina so I can be in decent shape for this. I'd probably bring one change of clothes (with a hat), sunglasses, a few rations, $500 at least for food money, personal grooming equipment (toothbrush, nail clippers), possibly my DS so I can have something to do when my phone is out of battery (which it would be a lot) and probably a gun. Just in case.

I know I am forgetting some things but this could be an enjoyable experience... if it didn't kill me.
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