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    On the way to Oak Town, Orange was approched by another trainer. He was scared for a second, because if he asked for a battle, he couldn't refuse. Luckily he said,"Err...hi... my full name is James Preston Rybak, but my nickname is Jay. It's nice to meet you. wondering if you would like to be friends with me?" Well, Orange thought of this guy as nice, so he says,"Well hello there! Nice to meet you. I'm Orange Henry. I am from New Bark Town, Jhoto. And this is Bonsi and Eggy." Suddenly, Bonsi uses Fake Tears. "I'm sorry, Bonsi doesn't do well with strangers. So I assume you are going to the academy? I'm gonna follow you, 'cause I'm terrible with directions, how 'bout you?"

    As Jay approches, Bonsi is thinking, "Oh no, I'm going to have to battle. I'm only level 12, I'm gonna lose... Oh no... Oh no..." Then, the trainer approaches, but does not seem to want to cause harm. He has three Flying pokemon, two of them seem to have opposing personality. They introduce them selves. The Swablu's name is Emil, the Pidgey's Samuel, and the Starly,"Who is very rambunctious," Bonsi thinks, is named Nalafari. They were all talking at once, so much that Bonsi felt the need to "WAAAA!" Orange apologises to the trainer for Bonsi's crying, saying Bonsi doesn't take too well with strangers. "Yes I do, I just have a hard time when lots is going on..." Bonsi thinks.
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