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Sorry I haven't updated the list like I said I would. I'm busy trying to juggle this challenge along with playing White 2 AND Black 2, and then let's not forget school. It's band season! So much band. Truth be told, I'll probably try to win most of my season and just stop lol. I just don't have the time. But I'm pushing through! I got another badge today. BARELY THOUGH. I almost lost. I had used my max of 3 items and my last party member was almost gone, but I won. Hopefully from here on out, gym battles will be easier haha.

So here is my first GOOD update, where I will explain my name choices for things finally! I am naming my Pokemon carefully, usually in sync with why I picked them for their respective role in my team. Anyway...

Coach: Bear (Paul "Bear" Bryant, one of THE best AL coach! Wish there was a coach NPC)
Game: White (Alabama's colors are crimson and white)
Standings: 2-0

Bama! / Smeargle (m) lv. 20 (couldn't think of a name! might rename later)
Flame Charge, Psywave

Big Al / Phanpy (m) lv. 21 (named after Alabama's mascot)
Take Down, Rollout, Tackle, Defense Curl

Ha-Ha C-D / Timburr (m) lv. 22 (named after Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix)
Low Kick, Bide, Leer, Rock Throw

Ballerina / Petilil (f) lv. 14 (named after Marching Ballerinas which is my uni's danceline)
Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Growth

So far, this team is ROUGH. I was afraid I'd lose to Lenora. I got lucky. She used Leer right when I chose to use Low Kick, and Timburr is slower than Watchog so...yeah. Very lucky, especially since she had already used Leer the turn before (which I had to use an Awakening during-- my last item for that battle). From this point on though, I think the gyms will get easier. Smeargle is about to get a new Sketch, Phanpy will evolve as well as Timburr, and I just added Petilil to the team SO THERE'S NO WAY TO FAIL! I'll add my Swablu after I beat Burgh, and then Victini will probably come in as soon as the rest of my team hits 50, which is normally around gym 8. ...Hopefully I'll get that far. XD I'll try to find some time to update the list. -yawns- Lists r lame :(

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