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In the morning, Ryan was awoken by Yaphaeral moaning. He rolled out of bed, and stood. Yaphaeral was curled into ball, grabbing his head.

"How's it going?" He asked Yaphaeral, who shook his head.

"Well, how about you go recover in the Deamon Realm? That seems to work." Ryan continued. Yaphaeral shook his head again.

"Don't worry! I won't be doing anything while your gone! We've already finished our mission, and there isn't anything to do but classes, which I know you hate. I'll even summon another Deamon to watch over me while you're recovering!" Ryan said persuasively. Yaphaeral shook his head, then nodded after a moment's pause.

Ryan stepped back, and Yaphaeral melted away. Ryan walked outside, and walked around for a while, intent on finding somewhere to draw a pentagon, a more powerful circle. Finaly finding the practice hall, he walked in. He saw many students training, but no place for him to summon to an extensive degree. He walked over to two students who appeared to be twins. He tapped on one of their shoulders, and they both turned to him. He asked where he could summon, and they pointed to a door at the far end of the hall. Ryan thanked them, and entered.

What he saw amazed him. He was standing in a mid sized room with an extremely complex Pentagon in the center. He walked over to a grand bookcase that was along one wall, and could a book on various summoning spells. He soon came accross an extremely long spell, which would take a human body, summon a reasonably powerful Deamon, bind the Deamon to the body, and give Ryan complete control over it. When Ryan looked back to the top of the page, he saw that it was called a 'husk'. Deciding that it wouldn't be useful to him, Ryan began flipping through pages again. This time, a picture of a powerful Deamon stopped him. It said that it was one of the most powerful Deamon's in existence, and Ryan began reciting the long and complex spell. As he chanted, the room grew darker, and a blood red mist appeared in the center of the pentagon. He continued, and the candles around the pentagon went out. Eerie blue flames then took the place of those before it, and a shape formed in the mist.

"Who dares to summon me! Bow before the king of the Deamons!" The dark shape shouted after Ryan had finished. The mist dissipated to reveal a tall, thin, black humanoid with wings. A firey crown sat on his head, and he had large red claws. In one hand, he held a large battleax.

"I am Ryan, master summoner at the Peacekeeper's Academy! I hearby bind you to my service, to follow my every order!" He yelled shakily at the eight foot tall Deamon, who laughed heartily.

"You are the master summoner? You aren't old enough to control an imp!" The Deamon said in his deep tone. Ryan stood up straighter.

"If you don't listen, I'll, I'll..." Ryan said, his composure faltering with every word. His face turned white hen the Deamon King stepped out of the center of the pentagon.

"Y-y-you a-aren't supposed to be able to do that..." Ryan croaked before being picked up by the Deamon King. Ryan felt something move into his mind, and then he fainted.

Ryan awoke to someone moaning accross from him. Ryan rlled out of bed, and stood up.

"Yaphaeral? You okay?" Ryan said, rubbing his temples. He heard Yaphaeral get up, and stagger over to him.

"Glad you are awake. I was worried." Yaphaeral said, hugging Ryan.

"Why? What happened? It's only ten in the morning." Ryan said groggily. He walked over to the door, and Yaphaeral followed. They walked outside, and imediatley saw a crater directly next to the training hall.

"That is what happened. There was a large explosion. You were found under some of the wreckage. We still don't know what happened." Yaphaeral explained. Ryan stood in the same position, not remembering anything past the party. He turned back to Yaphaeral, intent on saying something, but passed out.
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