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Black 2.
File name- Danie
Rival- Jack
Starter- Oshawott named Gandalf.
Current Team-
Gandalf the Dewott
Eva the Mareep
Hipster the Magnemite
Derpenator the Genesect (That's not his name that's just what I call him)
Sherlock the Riolu
Ingrid the Purrloin

Caught a Riolu. Male, level 7. Named 'Sherlock', because it kept using Foresight.
Caught an Audino. Male, level 7. Named 'Joy' after the Audino from Black Adventures.
Beat Roxie!
Participated in Pokestar Studios.
Battled some grunts and really liked the Plasma music.
Went by boat to Castelia.
Laughed at the fact that the same NPC's are there in their same places, saying similar things. After two years you'd think they'd have moved.
Got a bicycle from a clown.