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    After a long rest from training, I take on Clay with my team. It was a fun but not very challenging fight with Akatosh, my Dewott leading. After earning my fifth badge, Clay invites me and my rival to the Pokemon World Tournament. We both enter with very little provocation.

    The tournament was exciting. I beat both my Rival and the Gym Leader Cheren, (should totally get a badge for that), and faced off in the finals against some mysterious researcher. He was a bit harder than my Rival and Cheren but I still beat him.

    Once the Tournament was over and I was crowned Champion, we left the tournament site to find Plasma members lurking around. We followed them to the docks where, Cheren, my Rival, and myself fought off various Plasma grunts only to be knocked out after winning by the Shadow Triad. After that disappointing event, I stayed behind to train.

    While traveling through some cave near the Tournament, I stumbled into some ancient ruins where I found a sleeping Volcarona. I couldn't let this chance pass up so I battled with it and managed to catch her! She was named Azura.

    Together with my team we traveled back to Driftveil and started towards Charged Stone Cave. We stayed to train up a bit then passed all the way through to meet with Professor Juniper and Skyla.

    After our meeting I followed the Professor to Celestial Tower where she gave me an item to assist with my training. There wasn't much else so I continued further to Twist Mountain where a member of the Elite 4 stopped me from entering.

    I made my way back to Mistralon and battled Skyla. She was fairly easy with an Ampharos on my team XD.

    After earning my 6th Badge, Skyla gave me a ride to the top of Reverse Mountain. Going to stay and train here a bit before pressing on.