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    Tetsu let out a rather soft sigh at Spark's reaction to his journal. He had truly hoped it would have been enough to allow her to remember her pokespirits, beings that should have been her best friends. Returning to his tree, he dwelled on the topic for several hours before finally drifting off to sleep, his beloved journal cradled in his arms.

    Despite having gone to bed rather late the night before, he awoke early on in the morning as the sun's first rays were beaming down upon him. He spent his first hour or so of conciousness watching Spark sleep, his internal conflict still fresh on his mind.

    Becoming distracted some time later, he picked up his journal and began flipping through the pages once again until Aria awoke and finished breakfast, calling to the group. Feeling hungry, he quickly teleported from the tree and and joined the group in their meal.
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