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  • Started as the male protagonist; named myself Maverik
  • Chose Snivy, because I always use Oshawott, and I don't want to use Tepig
  • Was very startled to see Alder jump off a cliff at me
  • When searching for the Herdier, captured a Riolu, nicknamed him Vladmir.
  • Also caught an Azurill (Penelope) in the farm, was the worst decision of my life.
  • Surprisingly beat Cheren's Work-up-ing pooch with Azurill. (I charmed until it cancelled out Work Up, and then chipped away with Bubblebeam.
  • Went to Virbank and was surprised, but completely ecstatic, to see Magby. Caught one and named it Hades.
  • Audino-spammed until my team was at level 19 and then swept Roxie's Pokemon.
  • Participated in a few movies cause it was too darn fun!
  • Chased Plasma out, and took the ship to Castelia.
  • Riolu and Azurill finally evolve, unfortunately after Roxie
  • Searched around, got a few good items, and after learning of Burgh's disappearance, was lead to the sewers by Iris.
  • Now I'm currently scouring in this filthy place with Hugh.

Servine @ Miracle Seed
Serious (Male) LV20
~Leaf Tornado
~Leech Seed

Bold (Female) LV20
~Aqua Tail

Relaxed (Male) LV20
~Quick Attack
~Force Palm

Adamant (Male) LV21
~Faint Attack
~Clear Smog

Oh my, it almost pains me to write their horrible natures down. I can't wait to restart so I can make them better. XD

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