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    Originally Posted by -Lapras-
    Well it seems Poke was right.

    Old man demolished. Body parts flying everywhere.... but what's this.....New and improved Hollow Ichigo reatsu? Or perhaps Ishin?


    Also did anyone notice the colour page?
    That's just the top half of him. lel.
    Editing for to set up a pun, nice...
    How the hell did I not notice that the first time?! o.0
    Even thought I was reading it on my iPod Touch at the time, I should have noticed that....
    That's pretty brutal. :/
    I'll probably update the arm collection some time this weekend. Busy school week.

    Bleach 511
    Well, at least I'm not totally raging over this chapter.
    I actually thought Juhabach's script was pretty good for a villian.
    I'm still pissed the with the way Kubo is killing off the good guys...
    I was a bit surprised at the mention of Squad 0, at least there's something to look forward to.
    And it ends on a cliffhanger...I guess it wouldn't be a proper Bleach chapter if it didn't end on a cliffhanger.
    I'm predicting that Ichigo will suddenly appear next chapter, with no explanation as to how until several chapters later.