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Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
Regarding "The only difference is that they're from different places":
The issue with the merging isn't really a question of where it comes from, it's more of the cultural differences between the two groups. In general, society looks down on otaku, and otaku want the riajuus to stay out of their business. It's like the difference between preps and nerds. Rather, I propose cutting out the nerd section of GE and merging it with JE, calling the section "Comics & Cartoons", or something.
That... makes a lot more sense then the people who say things like "the culture in the two forums are different!!!" So thank you for giving an example on how exactly they're different, because I am definitely someone who can relate to the example that you gave. But considering I'm someone who relates to the "riajuus" and I'm suggesting a merge, I'm not sure of the effectiveness of that, because to me, logically, it makes the most sense to keep the TV shows of any kinds, reading materials of any kind, music of any kind together.

Also, to the people suggesting to merge other forums with General Entertainment seem to be neglecting the fact that General Entertainment and Japense Entertainment, although their cultures are different, are still forums with the same orientation and basis for existing, where Video Games and Toptable Games exist for entirely different purposes; one is for video games, and the other is for card games, which aren't similar in any other way than being forums of entertainment (which is why they're in the entertainment category).
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