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    I honestly don't expect them to do a Skyrim-style game. That's a bit too open-ended; in Pokemon, there needs to be a continuous quest. They need to appeal to the younger generations whilst appealing towards the series veterans. Being like another popular series really isn't the way to do that.

    They need to take what exists and expand it, make it into their own, and they need something real-time that keeps the same formula and gives us a deeper plot at the same time - something that makes the same old a new experience given a different battle system, and possibly a 3D overworld that functions more like Zelda (like they did in Colosseum and XD - only on the 3DS).

    I don't think they should try console RPGs again because they'll probably just mess them up. The spin-off games are typically for the consoles. Why should they deviate from the platforms they do best?

    Though, granted, they DO need to stop all of the connectivity nonsense, and give us a damn Challenge Mode that nobody else needs to send us...
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