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The man looked on in shock as his Patrat fell to the ground after clashing with Leon's Snivy. "Looks like you need to pack up your Pokemon and go home." Leon said as Snivy and him smiled smugly at the man. The man then looked around to see how his fellow members were doing. He saw that his other team mate was being defeated by another kid and his Tepig. "Men, we have to cancel our plan to take the Professor. We are retreating! Put your Pokemon that are unable to battle back in their Pokeballs and run away." the man shouted to his men. The men followed his orders and recalled their Pokemon. Before the man left the scene with his men he turned around and grimmed Leon and his Snivy. "This is far from over! We will meet again and when that happens you and your Snivy will fall to us, Team Plasma!!!!" The man throws down a smoke bomb and in a flash all of the men have disappeared. "Looks like we were able to hold out just for a little bit." Leon puts his laptop away and noticed the Professor and Snivy walking towards him. "That was very brave of you, young man, but please be more careful next time. I know you haven't battled before and you could have gotten Snivy hurt." Professor Juniper said as she brushed off Snivy. "No need to worry about battle experience, professor. You see I've studied the battle stage of multiple Pokemon contest. I knew the basics of battling at least." "Speaking of contest, you do know there are no contest halls in Unova, right? So why are you going on a 'contest journey' without contest halls?" "I plan to travel and train for contest in the Unova region then from there head to Sinnoh to participate in Pokemon Contest. You could call this the prelude to story of becoming a top coordinator."

Snivy moves towards Leon then hits him with a Tackle attack. "What was that all about?" Leon asked recovering from the Tackle. "I believe she is still upset with how you called her Leaf Blade ugly. This Snivy is very proud of its power and doesn't like being disrespected." Professor Juniper said as she picked up the Snivy. "I see, I was attacked because of my statement. Then allow me to justify myself, Snivy!" Leon said as he pulled his laptop out of his backpack again. He opened the laptop and started showing Snivy videos of his favorite contest appeals. "Do you see now, Snivy? I want you to reach the potential of these Pokemon. That's why I want us to have a set of contest skill and executed attacks." Snivy became deeply moved by Leon's videos and jumps into his arms for a hug. "I can't believe it. He closed the distance between him and Snivy then strengthened their bond through his passion and determination for contest. That's quite amazing. He might just be suited for the coordinator role after all." Professor Juniper thought as she looked at Snivy and Leon's embrace.

"That's nice and all, but this Snivy isn't of any use. Let's get a better Pokemon, master." said a mechanical voice coming from Leon's laptop. "What was that?" asked Professor Juniper. "That's just PAM, my Pokemon Analysis Machine, it's a program hybrid from this kid in Johoto with a Scizor and what little programming skills I have. PAM analyzes the Pokemon I come in contact with then decide their contest capabilities through a specific algorithm set up. PAM helps me decide what Pokemon to catch and what moves to teach them so that I can build a strong contest team." "Yeah and all my data says that this Snivy is of no use to us! Let's get rid of her and get a better Pokemon!" Snivy prepared to slash PAM with Leaf Blade, but Leon interjected. "PAM, I think making Snivy into a great contest Pokemon will just prove how awesome you are." "I agree, let me calculate the proper Pokemon partners need to make a strong contest team with this Snivy's data." PAM begins calculating and then opens up a file for Leon to see. "According to the data, we should catch a Lilipup or a Purrlion within the next routes. That's pretty cool. I can't wait to think of some combinations! Professor Juniper, can I please get my Pokeballs and Pokedex so that I can start the building of my team?"
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