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    I had to get my computer fixed, so every file on it was deleted, the only ROMs and saves I have now are on my AK2i, I was mad because I spent forever getting that level 15 Extremespeed Dratini to level 55 before the E4.
    Oh well, I'll try(again) on Platinum, I don't have to worry about anything deleting on that because my girlfriend has her own AK2i, and I'm a very organized person.

    Sorry for a long post, anyways, it's 1:20AM where I'm at, and I can't sleep, so I'll play for a while and listen to BTBAM.
    Main Rules
    1. If I fail to catch a Pokemon, too bad.
    2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead.

    Optional Rules
    1. Cannot catch legendary Pokemon, I'll kill 'em instead.
    2. I'll count North/South/East/West parts of a Route separate(like Route 204, North/South). Floors still count as one area like inside of Mt. Coronet, but outside will count as different(the snowy part before getting to the top).

    I'll update later.