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This is a slightly updated reposting of the Custom Cards Rules Thread as I turn my attention to bringing this subforum back to life. The previous thread had already had its third birthday 2 months ago.

Custom Cards

Welcome to the Fake Cards rules and guidelines thread. The previous stickies were immensely outdated and cluttered so this thread is the revamped and updated version of the rules and threads written by Gokey Shuckle. These rules are of course in addition to the community rules that apply board-wide.


  1. No pointless ratings. If a card really does deserve a 10/10, explain why. Please use logical numbers too: no 3985/29835s.
  2. Include constructive criticism in your ratings. If you take a lot of points off your rate, explain why. Tell the person what they could improve on and what they did well on.
  3. Double posting is allowed ONLY if you are the creator of the thread and are posting another card.
  4. Don't judge a card by its blank. Unless the blank is absolutely horrid, try to look past it.
This forum isn't very active, so while it isn't a rule, it would be really helpful if you try to post in each thread you view--even if it's just a quick rate or review.


  1. You must ALWAYS give credit. This includes credits for the blanks you use and the illustrator who drew the art for your card.
  2. Please use the real name of the illustrator and not a screen name or alias, unless you've contacted the artist directly and they wish for you to refer to them by their alias/screen name, or the only name you can find for the artist is an alias or screen name. Crediting a whole website is not allowed (ie, "credit: deviantART" is bad, don't do it!).
  3. No posting cards with inappropriate content. This is likely a given but if you post a card with anything inappropriate (even if it's only hinted atf or is censored), it will be removed and you will likely be infracted.
  4. Text-only cards are okay wonderful and always accepted, but include a note in the post or in the thread title so people don't question the lack of images.

Helpful/Important Threads
That's mostly it. Just follow these guidelines and things should be fine. If you see any posts out of line or cards that break these rules, don't hesitate to use the "Report a Post" button to bring it to the staff's attention. If you have any questions or concerns, direct them to me.

Thank you for reading and, please, please, please, follow these rules! I hope hanging out here gives you a new hobby and an outlet for your creativity!
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