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    Yeah, I see more potential in ANYTHING than plain remakes.

    Originally Posted by KingCyndaquil View Post
    I actually think that Emerald would be better to get remade than R/S would.

    While there is one major flaw, that they never put all of Hoenns' Pokemon in one game but they can work with the story a lot more because it featured both teams

    Crystal events were added to HG/SS but there wasn't a drastic change in story between G/S and C, just the events with Eusine and the extra attention to Suicune

    Emerald, on the other hand, had a drastic story change, adding both teams to the game thus extending gameplay by a few hours worth.

    I mean think about it, if R/S remakes come out, they would pay attention to their respective legend, completely eliminating Rayquaza from the main story and taking away the team rivalry Aqua and Magma shared.

    I really don't want them to work with a watered down story while Emerald was the better game in every aspect.
    Completely agree. So few people seem to understand this.
    Gamefreak don't make half-assed games.

    What do you think of my Emerald-key soltuion to this problem?

    After someone finishes R or S, they unlock the E-key, which can be sent to another unplayed R/S to change it into E.
    Similar to the keys in BW2, just on a bigger scale.

    That way if you got 2 games, it would be equivalent of buying one and the third version.