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    -Hotel of Horror-
    "Oh nothing, just that your friend flare is a lousy excuse making scumbag." The Avaith in the basket transformed into a small gastly as it escaped Mello's grasp and floated out near flare, taking Avaith's form once again. Before Ki and Mello could process any new information, they heard Avaith's voice "IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?! HELP! ANYONE!? SOMEONE MOVE THIS ROCK PLEASE?!" A bandaged and rope bound Avaith was found nearby a small den blocked by a large rock. Avaith's mouth was poking out from the hole as he was shouting for help. The fake Avaith approached, using double team to take on multiple forms of Avaith as the egged on Flare's rage. "You make nothing but exuses." "It's not a wonder she left you for someone else." As each cloned Avaith was extiguished one by one, the hotel was surrounded in flames as the trainers near the vendors fled. The caravan's guards took response with their water pokemon and make the attempt to put out the flames.

    As the panic of fire rages on outside, Shadoan deals with his own terrors as Jack and Delta come up behind him to support him as the painting rips the wiring and wires from the ceiling in order to form an awkward walking tripod like spider with whips. Delta's confusion forced itself through the objects as a Dusclops falls back from its host as the painting falls along with its accessories. Shadoan looked back at Jack and gave him a thumbs up as he walked over and looked at the painting of Chester. "Who was the girl?...." Shadoan asked himself. "I don't know her... She looks familiar though..." Laughter roars through the hotel halls as a Haunter floats up from the floor and where's Chester's painting over its face, trying to imitate Chester himself as it floated down the hall to a new room as it chuckled loudly. Jev, watching the scene from a distance looked up as Spirit. "Are the ghosts trying to kill us or pull a practical joke?" Jev heard a loud roar from outside as he glance out the window at the multiple Avaiths as Flare was enraged, surrounding the area in flames. "What the... MORON! LOOK AT WHAT YOUR DOING! CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" Jev bashes against the window with his bug fists but can't get break the glass. "Well, were surrounded by fire...." Jev made a rush towards the door and attempts to open the door as the doorknobs fall off. "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap." He looked up at Spirit and sighed. "Please tell me you have an idea..." A Banette floats up from the floor and attaches a moustache to Jev as it chuckles and floats up into the ceiling. Jev rips the moustache off as he looks around the looney hotel of horror.

    Blood Moon
    As Rina Steeled herself, the howling got louder as the beasts prescence became more and more clear. A pack of Houndour and Zoroark rush into Standing grace. The Houndours howl with red murderous eyes as the approach Rina and her pokemon. Out over by the hotel, a you bell hop had his pokemon primeape out as he signals to Rina "HEY! OVER HERE! HURRY!...SNAP-PRIMAPE! FIRE PUNCH!" The massive angry ape obeyed as it struck a few of the oncoming Houndours. Among the Houndour was a human running around on all fours like these crazed pokemon, with red eyes and scraps for clothing as it growled and snarled at Rina while making its attempt to attack her.

    Battle Event
    (5x Houndor)
    (1x Crazy Human)

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