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    Name- NuOmicronMu
    Partner Pokemon (only one)- Stunfisk
    Why do you want to join?- I love the way that ground type Pokemon (typically) work: High HP and physical stats, at the cost of special stats and speed. I've never really prized speed, as I find it much more important to be able to take hits when it's needed than to be able to strike first. Plus, their designs are often pretty nice, and have a fair amount of variety.

    What's your favourite ground-type and why?
    I always love it when they try something slightly different with a Pokemon's stats. It's especially great when it's a success (such as Toxicroak, an offensive poison-type, and Empoleon, a specially defensive steel-type), but I still enjoy those that aren't so good. That's why I like Stunfisk - a ground-type which concentrates more on special stats than physical, and also the slowest electric-type ever. It's design is pretty unique among ground-types, too, although it is fairly reminiscent of Dunsparce.