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I personally preferred the older Pokémon games. I liked the designs of the Pokémon better because they seemed more natural and all that and I really liked the charm of the 8-bit music and graphically simple environments. However, the fact that I mentioned charm at all in that first sentence shows how biased I am - mostly I play the older games for nostalgia which gives me genuine enjoyment.

However regarding my point about the designs - I'm not at all surprised that they seem less natural now. I imagine it's hard to take a real animal and make it into a Pokémon 150 times over, let alone however many times over we have now (lol i don't even know how many pokémon there are any more). So yeah GF would have had to mess with newer ones a lot more and add elements which were never in the original Pokémon just to make them viable - something which, I suppose, automatically detracts from how 'natural' they are. So it's not a dig at the game designers that I'm having there - I understand why the current Pokémon are less natural-looking and I fully expected it. I just don't like it.

Although that's not to say that I don't love some of the newer aspects. Although I stopped battling competitively at the end of the 4th Generation, competitive battling is constantly improving as it gets easier to mess with EVs, IVs, Natures, etc. and there are more Pokémon and moves and abilities and all that to pick from. The more we have to work with the more varied and interesting competitive is going to get and I think that's a good thing. On the note of competitive - abilities as well as the physical/special split introduced in D/P are both hugely welcome from me. If only those things could be integrated into the older games, i.e. pre-3rd Gen. Although that said I do have a very soft spot for Ruby and Sapphire versions since Ruby was the first game I really got into. Buuuuut it was also the first game where I thought "ok, these Pokémon are looking overdone now" so w/e.

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