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    AN: Sorry if Shaun's way of thinking seems to be scattered and going back and forth, but he's at a bit of a multicrossroad and is trying to figure everything out. The next half of this chapter should be out later today or tomorrow.

    Life Decisions

    When I was but an egg I was pushed out of litter. Five eggs, one mother, and a reputation to uphold. Lucario Kingdom, an old land endowed with a great history of warriors and aura masters, was known even to those of other regions. Only the best were remembered and kept, as was tradition during the hatching rituals of the riolu.

    His egg had been smaller than the rest – a natural sign that a runt was sure to be born. His egg had been taken to one of the local daycare centers. It was an easy place for unwanted eggs to be taken to as there was plenty of care and every pokemon eventually got a home from a passing traineror a child ready to begin his or her own journey.

    Riolu’s father lived in the daycare he had been abandoned in. A ditto, a simple breeding pokemon that had more or less gotten over the only job humans deemed it capable of doing and was left to live in a somewhat cast off position in the daycare. After all, what use was there for ditto, battle?

    Riolu’s father seemed to think so. He morphed into seemingly any creature at will, memory surpassing the rest of his kind. Ditto had a strange memory. In their true form they were seemingly less, body and even soul lacking in something. It wasn’t until they transformed did they appear and act like an actual living thing. Riolu’s father seemed to have problem with that. Bitterness had hardened his mind.

    It was he that tended to Riolu, not the human caretakers or the Masters.

    It was strange how humans were so quick to deem something useless. Humans tend to stick with the basics of whatever knowledge they held within their minds. They didn’t look too far into implications or future endeavors. It was always worrying about the past and never preparing for thefuture, let alone living in the moment.

    If they had, for one moment actually taken the time to think about the backgrounds of both parents, they wouldn’t have spared a single egg from that clutch, and maybe things would be a bit different for Riolu. But they didn’t.

    They didn’t know of the strength that came from Riolu’s mother side, the lucario; how each generation had at least one master of the aura. And they certainly didn’t know that Riolu’s father, a simple ditto, had more strength and cunning than anyone could guess. Eventually, such genes would finally mutate into something more, and that’s what Riolu was.

    A mutation.

    What sort of riolu could perform an Aura Sphere attack? Surely a new prodigy. They whispered about it, the masters. They took him from his little home in the nursery once his powers were revealed, but not before he had learned that they had abandoned him, tossed him aside like the others they deemed unworthy even before hatching. They didn’t care about his misgivings, his distrust of them and their ways, but they cared as soon as they learned of his inability to pick up another’s aura. Their minds changed as quickly as the tides of the sea, and raged just as harsh as the fiercest hurricane.

    Taught with the other riolu of his generation that looked at him from the corner of their eyes with hidden jealousy, Riolu taught himself to study the situation and those he was confronted with in an analytical way. How else could he when he couldn’t see the aura that would allow him to see for miles around him? Strength was not the only thing honored in the aura family. Cunning and observation were just as highly reveled. He could fight, he had cunning, but he could not observe like the rest of the clan, eyes no longer blind with the help of aura sight. Yet, he could get a small sense of their emotions, and that was just a small stepping stone towards his second betrayal.

    He knew even before the words spewed from their mouth like poison.

    Once more abandoned, thrown away from the clan without looking back, and it’s a shame they hadn’t, for they would have seen the dark anger the burned like hells fire within Riolu’s eyes.

    He had been given to a young boy in the Sinnoh region. He was to be the boy’s starter, and what a starter he was. Still seething with the sting of betrayal and abandon he treated his human partner with contempt, as if he were the cause of his anger. It was unjustified, and it filled him with even more self loathing, but he didn’t care. He was a rare creature, so of course the boy tried to keep him. The boy, his human partner that he never bothered learning anything about, was from the Lucario Kingdom and knew just how lucky he was to have a pokemon such as the riolu family, ands so he kept him for up till his first badge.

    That had only lasted mere months.

    Four months until the boy had had enough and sold off the self loathing creature.

    Riolu had no idea how long he spent within the confines of his pokeball, and as soon he had been released it had been with a mass of other pocket creatures. They were told that they each had a special talent that was worthy of their experiment. A new region, they whispered, and they planned on sending the best of their kin to walk the path of trainerhood.

    Riolu had looked at the humans with disdain, noting their wealth. The best of their children? Would true skill really be sent to this mystery land, or would children with heavy pockets be sent? He did not want another spoiled child running his life. In fact, he didn’t want another human.

    Riolu’s objections were silence with a simple return command and he was once more within his jail. Again he had no idea how long time had passed. Space and time are different within a pokeball. It’s like being asleep with only a small sense of awareness of the outside world.

    When Riolu had been released once more he had been prepared to detest his new human – attack and snarl and fight against everything that the human believed in – but the sudden impact of pure loathing emanating from the human had been startling. His senses were attacked to the point of suffocation, and for a strange moment Riolu had felt a sense of kinship with this being that hated as much as he. That still didn’t mean he had to like the human. In fact, he had even planned on running away the instant they were out in the wild, but things had taken a drastic turn.

    This strange region had a false sense of security. It was set up like his own – it was almost too easy in the beginning of the journey. That illusion shattered the instant Riolu and his human found themselves within the true heart of that route. Pokemon that were far more savage than anything he had ever encountered tore at them like the beasts of Giratina’s underworld, and soon time had little meaning. He and his human had survived only to bethrown into another hell.

    And dear Mew was it addicting.


    Sleep was a battle of harsh dreams and self doubt waking him into the night in a cold sweat. Not even a full week into this strange new life and he had fought for his life more than any other time in his seventeen years. Anger was still raging through his veins, yet a strange mixture of determination and caution was keeping him weary from doing anything that could ruin his current freedom.

    Shaun had gotten up early, far before the others and evenbefore the sun had fully risen. He had dressed robotically, mind fuzzy with exhaustion and fears, yet as he continued to pack and leave the others a slow smile formed, one filled with the glee of insane motivation. Never before had his blood pumped so quickly with the adrenaline of survival as it did lastnight; not even with the rhyhorn.

    Slowly, Shaun had turned his to glance at his sleeping rival, wondering briefly when he has started considering the other boy of sucha title. He briefly wondered what would happen to the other boy before he allbut staggered to the washers, body still feeling the effects of last nights endeavors. Lip curled in disgust, Shaun dumped his belongings.

    With a drawn out sigh, Shaun began to divide up his stuff. All his clothes were still slightly damp, covered in mud and had a suspicious moldy smell to it. He made a face and tossed them into an empty washer before turning to the bits of food that remained before deciding to toss everything that hadn’t been in a can or protected. The same went for a few random belongings he had brought with him.

    In the end it left him with a lot less in more ways than one. His mind was empty, striving to think of ways to survive this ordeal. He needed supplies, he concluded, real supplies. Clothes were a definite, considering that most he had looked like it would be ripped and torn within the week and the fact that winter was coming meant he had to be prepared for the harsh cold that was sure to come.

    His mind strayed to the roughnecks of Orre, supposed trainers that were little more than brutes with pokemon, but they were brutes that could survive. And then there was the underground of the whole region – a placefilled with sly minds and dangerous pokemon. What sort of devices did they use to survive in their apocalyptical desert world? When nothing came to mind he froze, realizing with a disturbing clarity just how far he was going into this. A year. A solid year of his life was being changed and if he didn’t grow a pair he’d be just another dead trainer in the gutter.

    His mind strayed to the night he had staggered into the bathroom of that convenient store. He had looked at himself in the mirror and felt nothing but disgust, his rage worth nothing as he couldn’t even bring himself to decimate the place. If he couldn’t even do that, how could he do this?

    Shaun’s eyes narrowed and stuffed his meager belongs into his pack with a snarl that caused the one other trainer in the room to turn hishead in disbelief as Shaun stormed off. He walked up to the front desk and gruffly asked for his pocket monsters, shoulders pulled straight and burningeyes staring down at the astonished nurse. His teeth were clenched as she reluctantly handed over the capturing devices known as pokeballs into Shaun waiting hands.Without even a thanks he shuffled out the door and gazed around.

    He would show everyone what he was made of, he thought defiantly, eyes finally landing on a few trainers that had woken early as well.“Hey!” he called out, gaining their attention. He clenched a pokeball tight in his right hand, feeling his pulse quicken and had a momentarily lapse where he felt as if he were trying to quell his beating heart in his fist. He smirked, becoming resolute. “Let’s battle.”
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