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    Nice to see some new replies around!

    Originally Posted by SSJ4 Furanki View Post
    So far this is has been a new experience. This seems to benefit my whole style of working on one Pokémon at a time. Just beat Bugsy and my Rival, only Pokémon I have is a Lv. 23 Quilava. But, I'll have to catch something that can learn cut in the Ilex Forest. I gotta figure out a way to keep Quilava alive with Whitney, this'll be tough.

    It's also my first time doing a nuzlocke, I like doing it this way where it's programmed into the game and forces me to follow it.
    You know what, it was also my first "nuzlocke playthrough" I did with this hack. I created this mostly for practising assembly and knew it wouldn't be that hard to create so there.

    For reference, my starter was killed by a Weezing of team rocket in radio tower. But I still had Sudowuudo left and by getting Lugia, I was able to complete the game later on.

    Originally Posted by or19937 View Post
    Dude, that's really awesome!
    I had to check what happens if my starter dies at the beginning - Loved it when it said Game Over xDDDDDD!
    Obviously I cheat and use Shift+F1 numerous times, but still, that's going to be a refreshing experience!
    Thanks for the comments
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