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    Endomorpheus Exoletaar

    Endo slowly opened his eyes. Where was he? The area in which the young man found himself was completely white, as if there was nothing. Well, nothing except three other people which he couldn’t see very well. Who were they? Why were they here with him? Endo could hear a faint bellowing from the depths of his mind. It felt like the sound bounced against the inside of Endo’s head, much like an echo bouncing off the walls inside a cave.

    “I told you that it was dangerous.”

    “Shut up Exo.”

    Endo decided to not focus on the Stalfos anymore, it wasn’t like the huge pile of bones was going to help him was it? The young man tried to locate Burkle among this mess, but he felt weight-less. His arms just floated about, it was all so strange. Thus, he only whispered faintly,

    “Burkle? Are you ther-”

    Suddenly, before Endo was able to finish his sentence, a loud sound comes from somewhere. In an attempt to relocate himself, Endo moved his body so that he would be upside-down. But was there really any upside or downside in this world? There seemed to be no sides whatsoever here. Whatever the case of the sides, Endo was soon met with the sight of a gash, like somebody had ripped a hole in the whiteness as if it was just a piece of fabric. Soon, the young man found himself going closer and closer to the gash. It felt like his body became heavier and heavier the closer he got. Endo tried to move away from it, but to no avail. He couldn’t even focus on what was happening now, everything just sort of went… dark.

    “I told you.”


    Endo slowly reopened his eyes. Where was he now? After observing for a short while, the Hylian deduced that this place was far less pleasant than the area he had been in before. His body was aching and felt a bit more outstretched than usual. He tried to move his arms, but they were pinned against a wall, as were his legs and his entire body. Even so, Endo couldn’t move his body if he so wanted. The cold bars pinning him to the equally cold wall had made his body go numb. At least he could move his head, which was a plus he guessed. As Endo moved his head around to the best of his ability, he spotted those other three people that were with him in the white area. At least he thought they were the same people, but at this point nothing seemed to be for certain. As his gaze shifted to the wall across from him, something caught his attention more than anything in this room. It was a girl, her clothes were in a similar fashion to Endo’s in that they had some holes here and there in them and looked mostly dirty. However, her dress was very fashionable, sporting a cream color along with some turquoise jewels. Her hair was a tangled mess of orange and her eyes were closed. But if they had been open, they had got to be amber. Endo just knew it for some reason. He wasn’t able to see much else since his sight was blurry. And even though he had never laid eyes upon her before, she seemed like a dear old friend or maybe even love-interest to him, if you’re willing to take it that far.

    The next sight that met his face was a far more unpleasant one. The light-purple face of a man with red eyes and a sharp-toothed smile met him. Before Endo could react, the man - or whatever he was - started searching his pockets, seemingly for items. He took out the Hylian’s wallet first, looked at it with a hint of disappointment as if he expected something better and then threw the sack down into what seemed like an endless abyss of darkness. Endo wanted to protest, but for some reason he felt like it would be smarter to be quiet in this situation. Next up, the man took the sheathe from his back, containing his scimitar. After observing it for a while, with seemingly more interest, he threw it down as well. Yet again, Endo kept his mouth shut; however, Endo seemed to have a different opinion about it.

    “Hey retard! Stop stealing all of my stuff!” The Stalfos’ voice echoed in Endo’s mind. Hopefully this guy couldn’t read thoughts, but in case he could, Endo made sure to apologize for second voice in his head’s behavior. Exo just grumbled something about his host being “a scared little a-hole”.

    It was when the purple-hued man came to the Stalsword’s sheathe that things became interesting. He chuckled quietly as his hands ripped off the concealed sword and continued to throw it down. Afterwards, he went to the next person in line, possibly to give them the same treatment as he had given Endo. For some reason, Exo seemed to have quieted down. It was really strange to be honest. He had never been this quiet before, it was almost eerie.

    “E-Exo?” Endo asked nervously.

    “The…” The Stalfos said quietly, “The Stalsword…”

    “What? What is it?”

    “He took it. That bastard TOOK MY SWORD!!!

    Endo felt a surge of pain go through his body. This was bad; Exo was angry, and not just regularly angry. Now he was super-pissed-off. Another wave of pain washed over Endo. The Hylian screamed in pain, a headache the quickly started to make itself present. He could feel the Stalfos’ anger, his hatred, his very pure despise for this man. It hurt; it hurt like nothing Endo had experienced before. He had dealt with Exo’s tantrums prior to this yes, but never as severe as it was now. Tears started developing and wallowed up and across his cheeks as Endo started screaming hysterically at the pain. His head felt like it was going to split in two, it made him so sick that he wouldn’t be surprised if he threw up the majority of his intestines as well. His forcefully closed his eyes to prevent people from seeing them go from blue to blood-red.

    Apparently, the man had started some kind of machine which seemed to suck out something from Endo. It was painful, but paled in the comparison of the tantrum that Exo was throwing right now. At least it was a good cover to why he was screaming and throwing his head from side to side. He could also feel the pain numbing his tongue a bit, thus Endo did his best to remain conscious and prevent Exo from taking over.

    “YOU MOTHERF*CKER!” Exo howled through Endo’s voice. “GIVE ME BACK TH-” The Stalfos wasn’t allowed to finish before Endo bit down on his tongue to keep it in place. His tears started to flow even faster now if that was possible, the pain was almost too much for him and in addition to how weak he started to feel, Endo began to seriously question whether or not he was going to make it out of this.
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