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    Relak the Golem


    Protocol One

    Relak halted his search as the other creatures, chained to the wall same as he, began to react. He could see the flow of energy being drawn from them and siphoned through a machine. Their distress was blatant, and programming over took Relak. There had always been one thing he knew. He was built to protect. By who? He didn’t know and it didn’t matter much. Protocol One took effect, and the golem’s systems refocused to his original programming.

    Whoever this creature was he was the source of Relak’s damage, and was causing distress to the organisms in the cell. The image of the vile creature burned into Relak’s memory banks. Its disgusting violet skin, and fanged grin wouldn't be soon forgotten. With his first and most basic protocol booting up the free willed side of Relak diminished as what could be considered his instincts took over.

    Even without his limbs and the lessened energy reserves Relak would not sit by. The magnetic forces that bound his body together began to build up a sustainable level. Electricity arced from Relak’s body to his head as the connection was formed. Relak launched his own head forward bashing them against the bars before retracting and firing again. He ignored all his self inflicted damage, and continued to batter the metal rods. As the inefficiency began obvious to Relak he slowed and halted. His face dented and scratched, but his programming made him want to continue.

    “Protocol not met. Objective critical.” Relak’s low resonating voice boomed.

    The magnetic link between Relak’s head and body shuttered, and vanished. Relak’s head dropped back onto his shoulders. The exhaustion Relak felt was handled very differently. With these others leaked and cried out with strange words. The golem’s systems were constantly attempting repair trying to carry out the various tiny tasks that made Relak work. Until his systems had managed to store up enough energy he was barely strong enough to keep his optics running.
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