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    Originally Posted by rocky505 View Post
    pokemon availability doesn't matter. DS and DSlite are no longer being made so transferring from gen 3 for newcomers Is hard. Plus you could already catch all johto Pokemon through gen 3 and Dppt, so I guess that means johto shouldn't have been remade.
    All but Deoxys/Jiranchi is available between normal game play through in both Gens 4 and 5. So you don't even need to transfer from Gen 3. Its possible to get all of the legends for Third Gen minus the Weather trio in Gen 5 alone. (this includes possible download events for Jiranchi and Deoxys as they are only handed out through events) To get the Weather trio you just have to transfer from HG/SS.

    Pokemon availability isn't an issue on the matter as its no longer relevant since all of the Hoenn Pokemon can be obtained through Gen 5 barring those mentioned above.

    Gens 1 and 2 were remade due to system changes that made the old games incompatible, they have since fixed the error and made sure future games didn't suffer the same problem.

    Only reason to remake Gen 3 is story and story alone.