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    Originally Posted by RazerManiac View Post
    Im currently at the stage where ive just defeated the Dardusk gym leader. SO far this seems like a really great game. I managed to aquire a Zorua which i believe is a pokemon that shouldnt even exist in the generation at which this game is set in - so thats kinda cool Its also a very useful pokemon for the previous gym.
    There are many of those. Did you find Rufflet in the Safari Zone? What about Blitzle along the early Routes? Or even Shinx/Luxray while training or Snover in the Ice Zone, which are both Gen. IV? All are hacked into the game.

    Originally Posted by RazerManiac View Post
    1) Where can you catch a Kirlia to trade for a Gengar?
    2) After completing the trade for the Scizor it wouldnt obey me. Since then none of the gyms have mentioned anything about certain level pokemon obeying me after getting that badge. Anybody know what needs to be done in order to get pokemon to obey you?
    1) Take the National Park advice here. They also appear on Route 410 higher-leveled (Lv.15-25 as opposed to Lv.10-20), so they can evolve quicker after a little bit of work. Once it evolves, there's your trading material. I don't show wild Kirlia anywhere in the regions.

    2) The traded Pokémon will behave as they would in R/S/E. I believe the statement that traded Lv.30 Pokémon obey you after Dewford in that game is accurate. Therefore, after finishing the Esmereld Gym, those should obey you, making Scizor usable up to the area where Seanport City is located. I'm not sure about whether Lv.40 obey you starting after that Gym, but Scizor is rather useless here NEway and Scyther has all but a couple of moves in the move pool in any case. Seadra (does it evolve on trading to Kingdra?) is the same deal; it won't obey you in the same fashion until you get the right badges. In most games, and even hacks, this isn't an issue by the 5th or 6th Gym as you will not be likely to level the Pokémon so high that they're disobeying you on the final two Gyms.

    (Ash, this might be something to get readded to the text after defeating a Gym Leader. I don't have the data on me right now, but This is something that needs to be communicated to the player and I know R/S/E did do that, but I haven't seen it in this game over three Gyms.)

    EDIT: Found the data.

    Lv.30 obey you after 2 badges.
    Lv.50 obey you after 4 badges.
    Lv.70 obey you after 6 badges. Shouldn't be many problems with obedience after this unless you overlevel trades.
    Lv.100 (i.e. all Pokémon) obey you after getting the final badge.

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