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    A surge of hatred and malintent flooded through Tetsu's ralts-like senses as both Spark and Kallie began to converse, and eventually walked off. The emotions that he had detected from both girls left him highly unnerved and he began to debate whether or not he should run off after them or inform Aria of what he had felt. When the two of them merged, Ralts taught Tetsu that emotions were both private and sacred entities, and though he could use his knowledge of them in self-defense, he should never reveal to anyone what another person was thinking......This, however, was a touchy case.

    Before he could decide what to do, however, he began to detect a surge of caution flooding from both Aria, and the new arrivals within the bushes. Just as he was about to act on it, Aria decided to take charge and invited the stranger into the camp. Upon seeing this, Tetsu loosened up, hoping the exchange would turn out to be a peaceful one.

    Standing by as she and one of the arrivals began to converse, he was completely caught off guard when she made the first move and attacked the member of the group. As she went about pummeling the group, he could only watch in horror. Though she didn't kill any of them, she had been the one to initiate violence, and she did so before he could feel anything specifically Malicious coming from the men.

    As she knocked out the last of them, he allowed his emotions to flare and turned towards her, an expression that he had rarely shown plastered firmly onto his face: An expression of anger. Unsure as to what she would do with the men she had defeated, he lifted his right hand into the air and began to gather his energy. Allowing it all to flow into his hand, he then let loose a massive burst of psychic energy, allowing it to pulsate outwards and into her direction, shouting out "YOU HURT THEM!" as he did so.
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