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    Please give me opinions on this:

    13 days swung over the clock of the pendulum as fast as a heartbeat since 2 major tragedies have stricken through people's memories. As Bob slowly got out of his bed, he began to realize that something special will happen to him. He quickly dashed to the calendar like a jackrabbit, seeing that it's his birthday today on May 24th!

    "Oh boy, I almost forgot my birthday since I got heavily injured!" Bob swiped the sweat out of his head. As he walked to the bathroom, he glances at his special retainer he now has. Glancing through of what happened 13 days ago, he remembers of how Beck disorganizing his teeth and how he almost "killed" the connection of him and his body.

    "That strange feeling I had with my chest. It really hurts when I was like this...." Bob tightly grips his chest, squeezing it like if it was a grapefruit. As he walks down the stairs, he sees Bob's whole family staring at him with various types of faces staring at him.

    "What is it?" Bob asked, feeling a bit disoriented.

    "Bob, happy 13th birthday!" Rick happily said. He jumped out of his couch and squeezed Bob like a teddy bear. "Rick, it's enough, I still haven't fully recovered!" Bob pushes Rick gently like the wind.

    Bob's dad dropped the newspaper and slowly walked to Bob, smiling. "Happy Birthday son! You are no longer a kid! Now you are beginning to become a man! Come on here and hug your daddy!" Bob's dad ran to Bob, with his hands wide open.

    Vanessa kicked Mr. Martin to the fridge with full force, smashing it with pieces falling over him. Vanessa put both of her hands at her hips, while she has a somewhat serious grin with her left leg in front.

    "Dad, you are beginning to get a bit too happy. He is 13 you know, no need to hug him. That's not manly at all."

    "You are right." He said, while his body is upside down next to the demolished fridge.

    "I'm going to school. I'll see you." Bob walked to school in 15 minutes, saying sup to various people with nodding his head like a boss. He quickly walked up to the 3rd floor, trying to go to his locker.

    Meanwhile, Natalie walks slowly like a goddess as her long silky orange hair began to wave and beautiful appearance began to attract other men as their eyeball widen with their mouth open as they began to see her walk through them as they stairs at her small jeans and her cute butt.

    "She's so hot. What's her name, because I really want to date her!"

    "Her's name's Natalie DiCapprio. She's a 7th grader, yet she's 13.

    "Really!? Because I never saw a 13 year old that hot! I mean really!?

    "Yeah man! She even has a cute face with these beautiful blue eyes!"

    As Natalie saw Bob trying to open his locker, she was shocked of how he is now! Before he was badly injured like scrap metal, now he's all new like a new Wii U! She walked to Bob slowly.

    "Hi Bob, and Happy Birthday!" she happily greeted.

    Bob slowly got up and smiled at her face. "Hi, I see that you remember."

    "Yeah........" She said as her word began to fade slowly. "So how was your recovery?"

    "It was good. I was in the hospital for like 10 days, then when I got out, they gave me a retainer for my teeth. Also when I got beaten up by Derek and Beck, I had this strange feeling. Like when I was unconscious, I saw "myself", as in my body beaten us, and I saw myself getting far away like if it was shrinking. Then I saw an odd chain elongating from it to me, even when I was getting far away. I tried pulling it, then I saw the chain starting to eat itself which caused excruciating pain to my chest, then I was very scared. Is that was death is!?" He questioned.

    Natalie began to think of what Bob said of his weird "experience". "Wow, that's incredible. Bob, it might be death, because like depending on how you suffered through this painful beating, you might have died if you didn't return right back on time."

    "Maybe, let's go to class."

    As Bob and Natalie walk together holding their hands into English Honors, they glance a the whole class, staring at Bob, smiling. Bob got annoyed of the same reaction this morning.

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone said. One guy hugs Bob hard. Another one shakes his hand while another one pats his back.

    "Wow, when did everyone start to like me!?"

    Ms. Alborn dropped the gradebook and walked to Bob's face, looking at him.

    "Bob, we never really hated you. In fact, you were thinking of that because of how people treat you. All of us think of you are a very nice student but you are sometimes annoying and ear ripping like a screaming baby. Overall, you are one of my best students, and we are glad to have you."

    Bob sniffles as tears began to run through his skin like a faucet. He wipes his face, relieved of what everyone thinks of him.

    "Yeah Bob, you are a nice guy." Stephanie says while smiling at him.

    Bob sits next to Miranda, seeing that she doesn't hate him as well. But he glances at where Derek should be. Then he thinks back:

    (Derek and Beck fled with the other people of B.U.L.L.Y, laughing on what they did to the principal.

    "Stupid principal!"

    "Yeah man! He's so annoying!" Derek screamed, laughing.)

    During lunch, a pack of ravenous students raced down the line as always like a pack of wolves. Bob began to scan for a seat to sit at, until he heard his name chanted 4 times.

    "Bob, sit with us!"

    "Yeah Bob, come on!"

    People tapped an empty spaces between them. Bob happily accepts them and walked next to Natalie.

    "Awwww......" People were very interested of how Bob and her make a couple. Bob and Natalie quickly turned around at opposite directions while their face turns into a bright shade of red.

    Minutes after Bob and the rest chatter, they began to hear a conversation between 2 people. Bob turned around as they were continue to bicker.

    "Hey, have you heard of Principal Kumar?

    "Yeah, he's still in the hospital!"

    "And that remember of how his head began to spit out goo?"

    "Yeah, that means that he might not be principal anymore, it's very sad! And you can not believe that the evil gang hasn't returned since that happened!"

    After school, as Bob and everyone else try to walk to his house, laughing and talking about something, a mysterious tall teenager with a somewhat bulky man walked to Bob and pushed him harshly.

    "Bob!" Everyone screamed.

    Bob fell down, unable to get up. "Hey, kid! Remember us! The one that you made us sick at the sidewalk 13 days ago! That's right!"

    Bob got up, shivering with his fingers crossed. "I.... I don't remember......."

    "Oh and one thing! Why did you cause my cousin to lose his legs you bastard!?"

    Bob's face was frozen in awe like if he was glass. "Do you mean........" Bob shivered strongly as he began to point at him, then he saw the resemblance between those two.

    "That's right! I'm his cousin, Lucas Anderson! That's right! I'm a leader of the football team, and that we set this battle now!" He drops his heavy case of a backpack and tossed his jacket to his friend, treating him like a hanger.

    Bob shivered as he sees him put his 2 clenched fists up.

    "Fight fight fight!"

    "You can do this Bob! We believe in ya!"
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