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Spark and Kalie were walking back to camp, they heard the fighting. Spark went into a rapid sprint, she didn't know if the two could survive if there were more than four. Kalie struggled to keep up, and when they got to the clearing where the camp was, Spark was relieved to see Aria finishing up the last guy. Spark didn't feel right, it was as if something was wrong, she looked for Tetsu. She saw him looking furious, and she could see the energy he was emitting. He was looking right at Aria, He is going to hert her! Spark ran toward Aria, as fast as she could.

"You Hurt Them!" He yelled, Energy was sent toward Aria. Spark ran up to Aria and pushed her away as hard as she could, catching her by surprise. Spark took the full blast of the attack, unable to get out of the way. She was sent flying back.

Kalie let out a panicked scream, she charged at Tetsu and tackled him to the grass, attempting to try and restrain him.
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