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    Delilah Harris

    Open your eyes. You can do it. Open them. Piercing screams rattled Harris' eardrums, so shrill and desperate they were that they almost made her wish she were dead and not listening. It wasn't that their pain upset her; her own pain she received from the cacophony of deafening screams was something she couldn't dismiss. Her headache only worsened and she could feel herself growing frustrated. Would you shut the **** up? she thought demandingly. The screaming just wouldn't stop; But who was it? Was it one of the people who had been with her in the white space just over five minutes ago? There was a guy who had a similar form to Harris' and a girl who also looked like them, but had these weird wings and a beak. Birdgirl?

    Harris had never seen anything quite like it. Not in the areas of Hyrule she'd been to, anyway. There were walking corpses, little wooden men and floating skulls, but never any birdpeople. Harris almost wanted to ask her where she came from, but she knew she would Cucco out and stay silent. The birdgirl would obviously laugh at Harris' ignorance and Harris wouldn't allow that to happen. She then remembered that there was another creature with them. It was some sort of black robot thing. Harris wasn't even quite sure what to make of it. None of this made any sense to her. Hell, why was this random assortment of strangers with her and who were they? Did they all come from some kind of alien planet? It's official. I'm going mental.

    Harris' eyes stirred below her eyelids, but she insisted on keeping them shut, for she didn't want her captor to see them. Her eyes seemed to always speak for her so as to make up for her refusal to communicate vocally and she knew it. She didn't want to look anyhow and she didn't want to see where she was, because as sick as it may sound, this place was better than ****ing Kakariko Village no matter what it looked like. Day in and day out in that village made Harris feel trapped. Oh, the irony of hating it for that reason. She was actually, physically trapped at this very moment, and any attempt to shift her limbs was in vain. Harris merely tried to move for a moment, and when she failed, she stopped and didn't try again as if she accepted her fate, whatever it would be. Her head, however, could move just fine and so she hung it low in exhaustion, her brown hair draping over her face like a curtain. Harris suddenly felt her sword wriggle out of its sheath as if someone just went up to her and decided to pickpocket her during this loud and confusing situation.

    He can have it. He can have everything, I'm not worth it anyways. The screams began to multiply at this point, but Harris had no time to focus on them as her pale green eyes shot open and then closed once more in immediate response to the shooting pain she felt in her chest. During that split-second she saw a purple man. A purple man had captured her. **** you, purple man. Harris squeezed her eyes and braced herself as best as she could. She didn't want to utter a sound and give him the satisfaction of causing her pain. It just wouldn't happen. True, he could see the pain written all over her face but screaming would just make it all the more satisfying.
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