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    When I was younger, Cartoon Network was my favorite channel, and even today at the age 14, I can look back at episodes of some of the older shows it used to host like Looney Toons or Dexter's Laboratory and still enjoy myself to some degree. The Cartoon Network of the past also had a brilliant form of Toonami, easily trumping the quality of the Toonami Adult Swim has given us today.

    The new shows that inhabit the channel, however, are complete failures, in my opinion. Shows like the Regular Show and Adventure Time are incredibly stupid and annoying to watch, the annoying Orange is a HORRIBLE attempt at turning an internet show into a TV show, like Fred, and MAD is a weak attempt at making a children's version of Robot Chicken.

    I've heard some people enjoy adventure time at the very least, but I'm unaware of much of a fanbase for some of the other shows on the channel. Is it just me, or do you guys think Cartoon Network has dug itself into a hole that it can't climb out of?
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